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Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass

Fresh harvested from our own herb farm, 100 %organic.  Refreshing, citrus-scented lemongrass imparts unique flavor to recipes. Its coarse tufted stems and leaf buds are among the most sought after herbal parts used in an array of cuisines all over South and East Asian regions. Lemongrass has long been in used for teas and soups. Just about every part of Lemongrass can be used, including the leaf tips, tender shoots and whole leaves. Snip a few leaves into a pot of tea for a refreshing flavor and added aroma. For a delicate hint of lemon, add a bunch of Lemongrass to the water used for steaming meats and vegetables. Add the tender shoots to a stir fry for a subtle, yet exotic flavor enhancement.

Sold by the pound
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