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Alpine Strawberries


Generally what we do is let you know what is available or soon to be available via a phone call, text or email. I take orders M-F then I go forage and get the items that week-end and send them out early the following week. It's like we are a week behind but this works very well for everyone, that way our goodies are fresh when you get them. It also helps to create that buffer needed to plan menus and make sure we can get our products to you as you need them. Sometimes mother nature doesn't play nice and we may have a hard time finding our goodies, but we'll let you know.


I have items listed on my website sold by the pound. That is simply a good reference point....but not set in stone. So I am willing to sell in 1/4 pound increments too in some cases. So just ask no worries. 


No maximum on order size....I would ask that we do at least 5 pounds as a minimum....but I am flexible there too. My goal is to not have to many rules, just try to get a good quality product out  so everyone can enjoy it as much as I do.



Come with us on a field day or week-end would be fantastic! I love people, I love the outdoors, and I love bringing ,showing and teaching others about our wild edibles. You can come forage with me or I can come and we can set up a tent and have a "wild edible" tasting day.



 Digger Jays Wild Edibles recognizes that we are all stewards of our environment. We work very hard to source our wild edibles from responsible foragers with the same vision helping to ensure and maintain a healthy sustainable ecosystem for our wild goodies that will last for generations to come.


I am excited and happy to have the opportunity to work with you and share my craft with you.


Thank You

Environmentally Sustainable


Customer Satisfaction 100% guaranteed


Items are seasonal and subject to availability


In God We Trust





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