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Chaga Whole

Chaga Whole

1 Pound

Chaga (Inonotusobliquus) is a woody fungus that grows on birch trees primarily. We find ours in the Appalachian mountains. Occasionally it will grow on aspens and other hardwoods too. The Chaga conk itself is what's known as a sclerota which is essentially an energy storage organ. Chaga can grow for years feeding off the host tree until environmental conditions are just right for fruiting. Sometimes known as cinder conk or tinder fungus, chaga looks like charcoal on the outside, with a rusty orange color and corky texture on the inside.

Yes a fungi that grows on birch trees and is said to be the most potent antioxidant on this planet. It tops all other famous antioxidants such as green tea, moringa tree and many many more.

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