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Cooking Classes with Digger Jay

Cooking Classes with Digger Jay

Come Enjoy a Wild Edible Cooking Class with Digger Jay

Forager, Cook, food adventurer, and simple author, Digger Jay invites you to use and taste mother nature's "Wild Edibles" used to creates simple, healthy and delicious meals for family and friends. Digger Jay is a self-taught cook, with more than 40 years of experience foraging and working with wild edibles. We stay true to our Appalachian philosophy taught to me by my parents and grandparents that quality and wild natural ingredients need very little in the way of preparation for exquisite flavor.
In each class Digger Jay has ventured out in the trusted mountains of Appalachia to gather ingredients from our local mountains and rouge orchards.
Watch and learn as Digger Jays combines the seasonal wild edibles with some affordable, everyday food items right from our local farmers. Not only will we create beautiful "plated" dishes the flavors will be fantastic.

Class Fees....Per Person
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    Digger Jay will create inspired recipes from all four seasons. There are spring dishes with wild Ramps and Red-bud flowers, local sourced farm fresh eggs, bacon and butter. The toast is local artisan bread. Then we have Ramp Sausage cooked over a campfire, Ramp Calzone,Bandannas and Red-bub blossoms, Red Clover lemonade, and Dandelion Syrup.
    All the wild goodies are hand foraged and sustainable harvested. Our farm products come from stress free farms.
    Have and event where you would like a Wild edible food theme? Contact Digger Jays and we will come cook for you or with your team.
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