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June Berries

June Berries

Fresh wild harvested  from the Appalachian mountains handpicked "fresh" to your order.  Juneberries are one of those foods that you can’t buy from the grocery store or a farmers’ market. The fruit, which turns from green to deep red, dark blue or purple when it ripens, is about the size of a blueberry and tastes a bit like one, but with a more robust sweetness. Juneberry has been referred to as an “urban blueberry” because of the resemblance between the two. Juneberries have a crown and look similar to a Blueberry with a frilled opening on the lower side of the berry. The Juneberry isn’t a true berry, it is a pome fruit which is a cousin to the apple and the pear. The fruit is borne in clusters of six to 12, and inside are small reddish-brown seeds that also have a good taste.

Sold by the gallon
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