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Locust Blossoms

Locust Blossoms

Black Locust is native to the Appalachian Mountains, and in many cases considered an invasive/nuisance tree. There is about a week or so in late spring when the Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia) blooms and we gather the wonderful flowers. The smell is a fantastic sweet almost like perfume. These beautiful flowers are a wonderful addition to many foods. One can make pancakes, fritters, syrups, jellies, wine, and sweet drinks using Locust blossoms. The taste of the raw flowers is sweet and fragrant and has a pea-like finish. The best way to eat the blossoms is raw, using them in salads or as a nice garnish and addition to many dishes.
Remove the flowers from the green cluster stem and add them to any dish that you would like to try these fantastic wild edible flowers.

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