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Whole Day Basic Introduction to Foraging

Whole Day Basic Introduction to Foraging


Enjoy a “basic introduction class” on locating, identifying, and foraging for local Virginia wild edibles with Digger Jays.
Hunting and gathering has been done as long as humans have been on our planet. The art of foraging for wild edibles is almost a lost.
Our goal is teach you how to source and harvest your own “seasonal wild edibles” helping to ensure the art of foraging remains alive for many generations.

Class Fees....$75.00 Per Person....Spring - Summer - Fall - Winter - Classes Available

  • Details

    All our Classes are family oriented and held locally in the Verona area.

    Whole day classes are 9 AM to 5 PM. I love to pass along this incredible fun filled passion I have for wild edibles by taking people out foraging and talking about the various wild edibles that mother nature offers us.

    In this class you will find and harvest seasonal wild edibles. We may travel from place to place to help enhance your outdoor experience.

    Each Season offers different edibles and wonderful outdoor experiences to behold.

    Spring - Summer - Fall - Winter - Classes Available
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